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Press Releases 2013

Dec 17, 2013

Simply Divine – The World's Most Spectacular Churches

Hamburg - Angular, asymmetrical, colorful and just plain extraordinary, there are modern churches that will have one looking in vain for a traditional steeple. All around the world, architects are designing ever more eye-catching houses of worship – chapels and synagogues whose shapes and colors will be impressing visitors long after the upcoming holiday season has passed. Emporis has now compiled a selection of the world's most spectacular churches. [...]

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Nov 28, 2013

Ever Onward, Ever Upward: The History of the World's Tallest Skyscrapers

Hamburg - Whether the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Tower of Babel, humankind has always been reaching for the sky. Beginning with the start of the 20th century and the construction of the first modern skyscrapers, man has come a few hundred meters closer to achieving that aim. Emporis now presents the towers that have so far been entitled to proudly bear the title of "World's Tallest Building". [...]

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Nov 13, 2013

An end to gray monotony – The world's most colorful high-rises

Hamburg - High-rises don't have to get lost in the gray concrete jungle: some are a real riot of color, with vivid facades in scarlet, turquoise or canary yellow – or even combining all the colors of the rainbow. [...]

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Oct 29, 2013

The Sky’s the Limit – The World’s Tallest Residential Buildings

Hamburg - Dubai currently dominates the market for living above the clouds. Seven of the ten tallest residential buildings in the world are located in the city on the Persian Gulf. The desire for recognition and prestige, plus the demonstration of economic growth, are the most significant factors leading to the boom in construction, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, of such gigantic apartment palaces. [...]

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Oct 15, 2013

The Architecture of Money – The World's Most Spectacular Bank Buildings

Hamburg - Occupying smart offices with sheer endless views over the skyline, banks do not just speculate high, but even work in palaces above the clouds. Leading banks administer our money from impressive company headquarters that fulfill the latest standards in sustainability, design and functionality. The most imposing and innovative designs have now been compiled by Emporis. [...]

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Oct 02, 2013

Catching the Wave: Blobitecture's liquid forms are changing our cities

Hamburg - Gigantic, alien-looking buildings are taking over the city centers of the world. These strange structures call to mind images such as a melted guitar, a mushroom-like parasol, or a UFO that has landed among us. Emporis has now compiled a list of the most spectacular examples of Blob Architecture, or Blobitecture. [...]

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Sep 17, 2013

Emporis Skyscraper Award 2012: The year's best new skyscraper is located in Canada

Hamburg - The world's most renowned architecture prize for skyscrapers, the Emporis Skyscraper Award, goes this year to the Absolute World Towers in Mississauga, Canada. [...]

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Aug 20, 2013

The world's future tallest skyscrapers: who will be first to break the 1,000-meter mark?

Hamburg - No sooner has the global economy steadied itself a little than new skyscrapers are shooting out of the ground all over the world and reaching dizzying heights that would have seemed unimaginable only a few years ago. [...]

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Jul 30, 2013

Media Facades: Multi-faceted 21st-century communicators

Hamburg - Media facades have become a firm feature of the 21st century metropolis, increasingly bathing gray cities in an imposing play of light and color. [...]

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Jun 25, 2013

Green, not gray: Plants are taking over architecture

Hamburg - In times of climate change and a shortage of resources, environmentally-responsible construction, sustainability and energy efficiency are increasingly gaining in importance. [...]

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May 28, 2013

Art and Architecture: The World's Most Spectacular Museums

Hamburg - That time-honored institution, the museum, is gradually being superseded. Increasingly, instead of old-fashioned exhibition rooms, it is gigantic event and experience locations that await the visitor. [...]

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May 02, 2013

The World's Highest Observation Decks

Hamburg - The taller, the bigger, the more eye-catching the better: more and more companies around the world are investing millions in spectacular corporate buildings in a desire to express their identity through architecture. [...]

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Apr 09, 2013

The World's Most Spectacular Corporate Buildings

Hamburg - The taller, the bigger, the more eye-catching the better: more and more companies around the world are investing millions in spectacular corporate buildings in a desire to express their identity through architecture. [...]

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Mar 05, 2013

The Heights of Hospitality: The World's Highest Hotels

Hamburg - The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, opened last week, may hold the new record for the world's tallest hotel building, but the true leader in sky-high accommodations remains the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong. [...]

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Jan 23, 2013

Vertical Velocity: Taiwan Home to World's Fastest Elevators

Hamburg - The elevators currently the fastest in the world were manufactured by the Japanese corporation Toshiba. Passengers are catapulted at a speed of 1,010 meters per minute, or 60 km/h, from the fifth to the 89th floor of Taipei 101. [...]

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